Season 11

Week 1


In this manual, you will find all the information required to play "Football Strategy" (later [FS]). It is necessary for every user to familiarize himself/herself with this guide, in order to better understand the game and its rules.

It is strictly prohibited to have more than one club account per user. All clubs that share computer access must contact [FS] administration via the contact form. Furthermore, these clubs aren’t allowed to have any sort of interaction within [FS].

It is against the rules to sell, exchange or trade your club. Also, any users found to artificially raise transfer prices to gain an unfair advantage will be suspended. We expect all dealings on the transfer market to be fair, transparent and in realistic market value(s).

It is prohibited to use offensive language such as profanity, pornographic allusions, racism, any form of threats, sharing of illegal material. Such behavior will not be tolerated, and the offenders account(s) will be suspended.

Use of third-party software is not allowed (unless approved by the Administrator), and any such action by the user(s) will result in suspension. We expect a fair game from all players.

The rules are set to be followed, and we will monitor all activity in [FS], to ensure fair play and the development of same. By violating the game rules, you risk permanent suspension of your account.