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We are pleased to present our first monthly Football Strategy newsletter!
In the June 2014 edition we are featuring:
Ready for some laughter’s?
See what Cleveland Brown, Jar Jar, Joker, Smeagol and Mr. Macky had to say about Football Strategy.
What’s new since launch day?
General Roles
General role suggestion is now visible to all managers as oppose to PLUS-only. We made this change so users have a better first experience when setting up their training and tactics for the first time. Keep in mind that this is only a suggestion, and does not affect gameplay.
Player Attributes
It’s now faster and easier to see key attributes of your players by hovering your mouse over them.
Facility Upgrades
You can now cancel an amenity upgrade in progress for a full refund.
Club Reset
Made a huge mistake? Reset your club in your manager profile page. This option is only available during the first 30 days of registration, and can only be used once.
Follow our official game changelog here to view more details.
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Hero or Villain Contest
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Referal Contest
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